Kindred Business Networking is an organic business network........ based on quality recommendations and experience rather than obligatory network referrals. Founded by Barbara Ann Fitzpatrick.  We celebrate diversity, share best practices, connect and have the freedom to flourish in life and in business.  You can count on us. 

A powerhouse group of:

  • Inspired business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sole Traders
  • Start-ups
  • Freelancers who appreciate the power of regular networking for personal & business growth.:

    Kindred Networking is the creator of Brunch club, and Digital events that build connections to support individuals to grow their businesses successfully. Kindred Networking gives people a safe place to present their products or services to a great collective of engaged, supportive, and connected individuals. There are no lock out clauses.

    Kindred is changing the narrative of Networking by hosting in-person Brunch Clubs, online Brunch clubs, and in-person Supper events that connect, create great conversations, and grow collaborations.  Barbara believes in creating the opportunity to innovate and a place to connect and build.  We are all about sparkling conversations that have the chance to shape your business and life in a way that works best for you.

We are all each other’s ambassadors and kindred spirits who support each other to grow our businesses.  We gather to serve, not to sell.

Kindred Features: 

A close-knit collective of diverse businesses who work together to increase their combined reach of clients and collaborators across South West London and beyond.

An organic business network i.e. one built from recommendations that are based on quality and experience rather than obligatory network referrals.  

Kindred Values:

Our values are inherent in everything we do and say and how we operate and behave together 

  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Engagement
  • Transparency
  • Inclusiveness
  • Support
  • Kindred Spirits 
  • Openness
  • Fun

Kindred Objectives:

⭐️ A close-knit collective of diverse businesses who work together to increase their combined reach of clients & collaborators originally across South West London & now beyond 

🌱 An organic business network i.e. one built from recommendations that are based on quality & experience rather than obligatory network referrals.

☕️ Brunch Club: Co-ordinated regular face to face & digital meetings, providing a business podium for each attendee as well as our regular buddy-up & feedback segments. 

🥂 Supper Club: a bi-monthly evening event for those who like to make their connections over a sit-down meal and a glass of prosecco (when safe to do so again).

💻Digital Brunch events online to keep us all connected.

🌱 Access to the Kindred Business Networking Facebook Private Group for promotion and supportive conversations. 

🌱 Marketing campaigns within the group (i.e. Feedback Friday, Biz showcase Go Live) where we help each other out by giving a social media shout-out to our fellow attendees.

🗣 10 mins Biz Showcase at each digital and Face to Face Brunch Event. 

🎬 Go Live Video Biz Plug Day every month in Private FB Group.

Founder - Barbara Ann Fitzpatrick

Barbara is from a Corporate background and she spent over 30 years working globally at the coal face of Client Relationship Management and Business Development, leading diverse commercial teams across multiple disciplines globally. 

She operated within multiple sectors across Advertising & Marketing, Financial Services, Technology and Corporate Business Travel sectors.

She loved her career and job and was exceptionally good at it, winning many leadership and performance awards and accolades. However, at the top of her game her role was made redundant and at over 50 years of age that meant that it was extremely tough to get back into the Corporate space. Finding that many people over 50 years are considered either too expensive or too experienced and the real value of emotional intelligence and maturity are not highly valued by many organisations.

So, like many Gen X’ers she had to face the challenge of re-inventing herself. To start with she just got out there and took a part time job and worked just to be busy to be in the workplace but that was unrewarding and not very stimulating.
Barbara found a network marketing business Arbonne which gave her the opportunity to start an on-line business with a small investment where she could grow a team and help others create wealth and time freedom. Arbonne’s corporate values of sustainability and ethics matched her own. The huge amounts of personal development helped her to get her Mojo back.
During this time, she went to many different types of networking events and groups and joined some. However, she felt that none really gave her what she was looking for and matched her values and had individuals that were kindred spirits to her!  So, she decided to create her own business networking group, in Richmond Upon Thames, Surrey UK.

She tested the theory in April of 2019 she was passionate about wanting people to make great connections, to support local businesses and to become a safe community where success breathes success. Where people could build lasting relationships built on honesty, integrity, humour, and a collaborative spirit. Formerly known as Barbara’s Networking Group Richmond then gave birth to Kindred Business Networking.  She set up Kindred Business Networking to support other business owners grow their network and their business and combat loneliness and isolation.

Kindred Business Networking is a support and growth collective originally only based in South West London and now expanding. We are a fresh, new group of inspired business owners, SME’s, start-ups and freelancers who appreciate the power of regular networking for personal and business growth.
The creator of a Brunch club, Supper club events and On-Line events that build connections to support our business growth.

Barbara hails originally from Dublin, Ireland and has lived and worked in Edinburgh and London. Her passions are many she loves business, entrepreneurship, mentoring and coaching others to be the best version of themselves. She loves people and having fun and making new connections and hearing other stories. In her spare time, she enjoys playing golf, watching golf, and following Rory McIlroy.

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